Bridal Cocktail Box

A unique, themed bridal cocktail box. Ideal for hen dos, bridesmaid gifts, engagement parties, anniversaries, or a unique wedding gift!

Click the cocktail to see the ingredient list (opens in new tab). Drinks suitable for vegans are marked with a 'V'. It also shows what special equipment you might need, if any! 

Sometimes you can’t beat a traditional cocktail, and this hazelnutty, chocolaty rum Old Fashioned is a real treat. Simple to make but complex in flavours, this old gent exudes class. Garnished with a Ferrero Rocher.Refreshing and sparkling, and so easy to drink it will be like your wedding day – over all too quickly. Watermelon and cucumber are the hero flavours, with gin as the base. Garnished with edible dried flowers and an engagement ring stirrerWhy mess with perfection? This is the classic Espresso Martini recipe unchanged since the 80s. Whether it’s keeping up the tempo on the dance floor or not wanting the hen night to end, this cocktail has your back. Garnished with coffee beans.Nothing gets the party started like tequila! We combine it with zesty blue curacao and coconut, for a cocktail that’s as pretty as a bridesmaid but as unruly as a drunken best man. Garnished with an edible wedding topper.

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