Halloween Cocktails

This limited-edition box contains everything you need to make five cocktails. One of each of the Scary Movie Night, the Bubble-Ghoul Sour and the Pumpkin Spice Martini, and two servings of the Gin Reaper.

Click the cocktail to see the ingredient list (opens in new tab). Drinks suitable for vegans are marked with a 'V'. 


A Halloween box exclusive, this cocktail is a creepy riff on the French ‘75. Black cherry syrup, gin and black shimmer powder topped with prosecco give this slender drink a celebratory feel.This popular cocktail gets a terrifying make over! Gin, vanilla schnapps, limoncello and bubblegum syrup all turn to the dark side, topped with Halloween marshmallows.Packed with autumn flavours, this Halloween-box exclusive takes inspiration from the iconic seasonal coffee favourite. Vanilla vodka and espresso play supporting roles to the punchy spice. Garnished with pumpkin spice powder!A spooky re-release of our classic best-seller. The Scary Movie Night incorporates rum, popcorn syrup and butterscotch liquor. The popcorn garnish has a spicy twist – take a bite if you dare!

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