**LIMITED EDITION** Christmas Cocktail Box

This limited-edition box contains everything you need to make five cocktails. One of each of the Mince Pie Old Fashioned, Snowy Clementine and Eggnog-spresso, and two servings of the 'Gin'gerbread Fizz. You will need a shaker to make three of these cocktails.

Click the cocktail to see the ingredient list (opens in new tab). Drinks suitable for vegans are marked with a 'V'. 

Simple yet elegant, the quintessentially Christmassy ingredients clementine and chocolate are balanced in a cocktail that is neither too sweet nor too tart. Topped off with an icing sugar-dusted rosemary sprig, as a snowy tree garnish for that ‘wow’ factorNothing says Christmas comfort like eggnog. We take that timeless flavour and team it with bourbon, Irish cream and fresh espresso to supercharge your festivities. The garnish doubles down on the seasonal aromas with ground nutmeg and cocoa powder.

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